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Jan Orga Beauty Bar

I used to go the nail salon regularly...then the pandemic hit and the world shut down - including my favorite nail salon! Once I discovered Red Aspen pop-on nails, I have not been back to the salon!

Our nails are customizable, non-damaging, can be applied in minutes, for MUCH less than salon cost. They can be worn for up to 2 weeks or you can switch out your mani every few days.

Over on my blog & on IG, in addition to my favorite press-on nails, I'll be sharing information about my favorite skin care and beauty products. I hope to see you around, make it easy and give me a follow! 

*nails *color cosmetics *skin care *false lashes *eyes *lips *tanning and so much more! 

My Top 3 Favorite Products

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Maggie Mascara

Maggie Mascara...oh how I love you! Vegan mascara that enhances your natural lashes by lengthening, curling, volumizing & conditioning. It's my FAVE mascara ever. Period!

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Nail Dashes 

Nail Dashes! These are my gateway product...the ones that started this journey! These pop-on nails are customizable, non-damaging, apply in minutes at a fraction of salon cost or time investment! I mean time is money...right? 


False Lashes

False lashes are Red Aspen's original product. Lashes are 90% of your selfie! You'll take a fab pic with these premium + reusable faux mink and silk lashes! Easy to apply, non-damaging, comfortable and multi-use. 

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