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My name is Jan, I'm a full-time nurse, embracing my "silver season" and through my small business, I help women enhance their God-given beauty with fun nails, lashes+skin care infused makeup. 


In honor of my mother, Mimi, who suffers with Alzheimer's, I donate a portion of all of my personal sales to organizations that fund Alzheimer's awareness+research. Please follow my blog for more information. 


Why Red Aspen? I used to go the nail salon regularly...then the pandemic hit and the world shut down - including my favorite nail salon! Once I discovered Red Aspen pop-on nails, I have not been back to the salon!


Our nails are customizable, non-damaging, can be applied in minutes, for MUCH less than salon cost. They can be worn for up to 2 weeks or you can switch out your mani every few days. In addition to my favorite press-on nails, I'll be sharing information about my favorite skin care and beauty products.

I hope to see you around! Your support of my business helps tremendously; Mimi and I thank you!! 

#endALZ 💜​

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